From Vicki Brown of Washington, DC: 10/15/2016



In 2014, NeedleOnFull (formally Kidsquiltz) designed and created a memorial quilt for me in honor of my son. NeedleOnFull is owned and run by Terri Tomoff, who is a master quilter with over 25 years of experience. Terri not only has incredible skills but it is her artist talent, her personal investment of time, and understanding the situation or context of each quilt’s creation which makes her finished products a meaningful work of art.


Friends and family who have seen my quilt, always comment on its beauty, whimsy, and the sensitive and clever manner in which Terri integrated my son’s life, spirit, and character. I stand behind Terri’s beautiful quilts, so much so, that I have recommended her to my friends and also feature a gift certificate for a Terri quilt at my non-profit’s annual raffle. I get excellent feedback from our raffle winners each year. Terri is very easy to work with, listens to design requests, and in the end produces a quilt that you will love, cherish, and consider a family heirloom.    


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From Mary Pavlyshyn of Cleveland, Ohio: 10/2/2016

I asked Terri to make a quilt using tee shirts that had special meaning for me.  I was thrilled with the result because it bought back many pleasant memories.  The quality of Terri's workmanship is top notch and I would recommend it highly.


From Laura Murphy of Rochester, MI 9/26/2016

Terri has done three quilts for me and my family.  The process from sorting shirts and other items (she can put literally ANYTHING into a quilt!) to shipping and clarifying the important parts of the items and finally the finished product were professionally handled.  The huge quilts with all of our memories are now highly valued family heirlooms.  The quilts were completed on time, for the amount quoted, and with justified pride and satisfaction, it was a true pleasure to do business with an expert craftsperson.

We LOVE our quilts!

From Donna B. of Crofton, MD: 10/1/2016

My daughter loves her custom-designed, shabby chic quilt that Terri made as a high school graduation gift.  The picture doesn’t quite do it justice, but it is beautiful!  The colors are subtle and the workmanship superior.  Collaborating with Terri was a pleasure too.  She listened carefully as I described my daughter and her likes, and in the end, crafted the perfect quilt.  You may not be able to see it clearly from the picture, but the quilting on the quilt is stunning.  It took a while, but my daughter finally found the special messages that Terri quilted into it.  I will never forget the delight and surprise in my daughter’s voice when she called me months later from college saying, “Did you know there are messages sewn into my quilt?”  I was ecstatic.  It is the special touches that Terri adds to her artistry that make it even more special—my daughter’s quilt is truly a keepsake that will be treasured always. 

As a footnote, my mother died recently, and I have now taken my mother’s 70-year-old satin wedding dress to Terri to make into keepsake pillows for my sisters and me.  Terri is the only one whom I would trust with such a cherished and precious item.


From Debbie Martinko, Hinckley, Ohio: 10/08/2016

I've been lucky to have Terri as a close friend for nearly 40 years (yikes - where did the time go?!). But no matter how well you think you know someone, they can always surprise you. Over the years, Terri has shared a lot of information about her quilt guild, and the quilts she has made. But until you actually see one of her quilts in person (whether a more traditional quilt or a t-shirt quilt), you can't even imagine how beautiful and creative they are. Terri puts 110% of herself into everything she does, and her quilts are no exception. She took a bunch of my old t-shirts (from sports teams, concerts, places I've worked, etc.) that meant something to me, and blended them into a t-shirt quilt that is me to a "T". Summer fun beachy backing fabric, fun thoughts incorporated into the stitching, and so much more. She was even able to include a few items from special baseball hats that belonged to my dad. A t-shirt quilt from Terri is the perfect personalized gift that will last a lifetime - whether for yourself or for a special someone in your life.


From Casey Renee, Maryland 1/27/2017

Terri made this beautiful t-shirt quilt for me after I graduated high school in 2011. She used all of the shirts I accumulated from drama club and international travels, while also incorporating crab themed fabric for this Chesapeake Bay girl! I love everything about my quilt, as she truly captured my personality! Thank you so much, Terri!!!